8th Multidisciplinary Workshop on

Advances in Preference Handling



H. Aziz, T. Walsh:
Justified Representation in Approval-Based Committee Voting

M. Endres, P. Roocks, M. Huber and W. Kießling:
Grouping Queries with SV-Semantics in Preference SQL

J. Goldsmith, N. Mattei and R. Sloan:
Who is Watching You Eat?

H. Aziz, S. Gaspers, S. Mackenzie, N. Mattei, P. Stursberg and T. Walsh:
Fixing a Balanced Knockout Tournament

Y. Zhu and M. Truszczynski:
Manipulation and Bribery in Preference Reasoning under Pareto Principle

R. Hadfi and T. Ito:
Constraint-based Preferences via Utility Hyper-graphs

M.-L. Bruner and M. Lackner:
The Likelihood of Structure in Preference Profiles

K.-W. Park, B.-H. Kim, T.-S. Park and B.-T. Zhang:
Uncovering Response Biases in Recommendation

X. Liu and M. Truszczynski:
Preference Trees: A Language for Representing and Reasoning about Qualitative Preferences

P. A. L. Castro and S. Parsons:
Modeling agent's preferences based on Prospect Theory

A. Loreggia, N. Narodytska, F. Rossi, K. B. Venable and T. Walsh:
Controlling elections by replacing candidates: theoretical and experimental results

H. Aziz, S. Gaspers, J. Gudmundsson, S. Mackenzie, N. Mattei and T. Walsh:
Computational Aspects of Multi-Winner Approval Voting

K. Regan, T. Biswas and J. Zhou:
Human and Computer Preferences at Chess

S. Saarinen, C. A. Tovey and J. Goldsmith:
A Model for Intransitive Preferences

T. E. Allen, J. Goldsmith and N. Mattei:
Counting, Ranking, and Randomly Generating CP-nets

B. Kolev, S. Price, S. P. Veetil, L. S. Marcolino, A. X. Jiang, D. Gerber and M. Tambe:
Aggregating Opinions to Design Energy-Efficient Buildings